what we stand for...

here's what we know for sure:
wine pairs best with friends...and charcuterie.
positivity with a healthy dose of wit and a splash of sarcasm will always win the day.
t-shirts are comfy, classic, and the best ones evoke a smile.

and with that said, here's what we want you to know for sure:
we are still figuring out how to be "grown-ups".
we strive to live generously.
we embrace humankind. period. labels are for soup cans, not people.
we think it's okay for happy hour to stretch past midnight.
we hope to one day prove that tequila is a superfood.
we prefer brunching in our activewear...and occasionally, in last night's evening wear.
we trust in the power of adventure and loving without regret.
we try everything once and many things never again.
we invite you to brunch with us anytime - just know that we'll be splitting a bottle of red by noon.

-emily + michaela